Nintendo 3DS – Nintendo Holds its Crown for Innovative Gaming

Nintendo not only shook up the gaming industry with the Wii, but it did the same with the Nintendo DS. The DS featured two screens and a touch screen, which has now become the standard for portable gaming. The 3DS adds more, though. The 3DS offers a true 3D screen, which doesn’t even require glasses. There is a slider on the side of the top screen which allows you to choose the level of 3D you want, or even turn it off completely.

Furthermore, the 3DS adds a sliding analogue stick which is preferred by many gamers. What’s more, you can even take 3D photos with the 3DS, and play with them on the built in software.

The device is obviously heavier than competing devices, like the iPod Touch, but with so many features, you can’t really complain. This is truly the gaming standard of the future, and we think it’s great.


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